Recently, my favorite social network is instagram and it is an amazing source of visual inspiration on almost everything that I’m interested in. It is an incredible app that brings the most talented people from all over the world to your fingertips. It is the first thing that comes to my mind when I’m stuck with questions like what should I wear today, where do I eat, where am I supposed to visit when I go to places. As you all know, lately I developed great interest in yoga, in fact I’m almost done on my training to become a yoga teacher. I also use instagram to get inspired about yoga postures, flows.  So I wanted to share yogis that inspire me the most.

Ashley Galvin

Ashley Galvin is one of my visual favourites especially with her outfits and specific places where she poses. She’s not well-known but I took her to the first place considering the quality of her photos. She also gives acro yoga lessons on Codyapp.


Kerri Verna (Beach Yoga Girl) 

Our runner-up beachyogagirl, who hosts different challenges every month with kinoyoga, posts videos showing flippy ups and downs. While kinoyoga shows the advanced versions of the poses, beachyogagirl shows their easier, beginner, more achievable versions. She also gives yoga lessons free to public in Florida 3 days of the week, travels and organizes yoga workshops & retreats around the world.


Kino MacGregor

Kino who hosts yoga challenges with beachyogagirl every month makes you go like “omg how on earth did she do that” with advanced versions of Kerri’s beginner versions. She is in love with India, organizes courses in India or different places, gives themed lessons on Codyapp monthly. Even though I am not where she is on yoga yet, it is inspring to read her inspiring captions, and to see her relaxed face in the pose.



Creater of yogance style (yoga + dance) meaning moves of yoga are connected to each other like it is in dancing, Cuchira shares interesting poses, flows & very inspiring texts on her instagram account. Particularly, you need to hear what she says about being  true to one’s self, being original. Her videos on which she dances with yoga poses and her new choreographies that can be performed in couples are really good.


Laura Sykora

She is the one who comes first in the line of instagram yogis with her 1 million instagram followers.  Her yoga poses that she performes with her little daughter are worth to see. She is that kind of woman who can inspire young mothers with her daily life and her body.


Megan Joy (

Yoga themed photos of Megan who is 22 and lives in Dubai makes you want to train more and more.


Tara Stiles 

She was model then she met yoga and became a yoga teacher, she founded Strala Yoga in NY and now she continues her life with sponsorships, videos and yoga. I love her “how to” videos that she prepared with Yoga Journal.


Erica Tenggara

Yoga trainer from Singapore poses in very inspiring locations.


Mother Approves

22-year-old Caitlyn has the cutest son. She makes a great profile to follow with her stability on yoga, her perspective and her positive words.



Casa Colibri

With her stylish yoga pants, her gypsy-bohem style, her inside beauty that reflects on her face and her poses makes me say “I should patiently keep on working to become like this one day!” Steph from Austin is one of the yogis I follow with great pleasure.




It is inspiring both to watch the progress Florencia the yoga trainer from Buenos Aires makes and to listen to her.


Turkish insta-yogis

Mey Elbi

Dear Mey, who is also my trainer from my teacher training, tells about the meaning of poses, shares inspiring words. She’s a must follow :)


Sevil Sert

Yoga trainer that shares on “the girl in love with yoga” account is one of those hosts of Turkish versions of those big yoga challenges.. Because she describes the how to get in to the poses & alignments in detail, she’s definitely worth to follow, especially if you’re a beginner.


Özlem (evesene)

Özlem, who lives in Dubai, is one of the first yogis I followed on instagram. She is very sincere. She shares so many advanced poses and she writes her captions both in Turkish and in English. Also she is so sweet and concerned that she sends you a picture or video of a pose if you request one. I follow her for both photos and inspiration.


Gülçin Özsoy 

She is an editor in Yoga Journal Turkey. She is one of the ambassadors of international yoga community All You Can Yoga and she teaches classes in Ankara.


Ateş (anikacmasin)

Another All You Can Yoga ambassador Ates, resides in instagram as anikacmasin. He gives Hatha and Power yoga classes in Ankara. He gave a class in Dream Yoga -the festival I went- it was aces!


Yoga Outfit Brands

Instagram accounts that share inspiring contents even though they’re brands belong to Werkshop and Onzie.


Werkshop’un taytlarına hastayım. Özellikle de lovebirds modeline



Not only their posts but also their collections deserve to be followed.


Bonus: Me :P

Although I am a brand new yogini, make sure to follow my yoga experiences :P


eastpak presents cizenbayan

eastpak presents cizenbayan

Recently, my favorite social network is instagram and it is an amazing source of visual inspiration on almost everything that I’m interested in. It is an incredible app that brings...


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Cizenbayan on Being Yourself & Why Interaction Beats Analytics

Recently, my favorite social network is instagram and it is an amazing source of visual inspiration on almost everything that I’m interested in. It is an incredible app that brings...



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