I have good news for freelancers: I’ve listed the places where you can take your coffee, work silently and have wi-fi as good as I could. Please write me the ones you know as comments, sharing is caring :)

The big table upstairs in Drip in Şişhane

Asmalimescit or Sishane branch of Drip, that brought “third wave” coffee style to Istanbul, in fact to Turkey with their first branch in Erenkoy, is a place where service quality hits the top. Americano, capuccino for a classic person like me, chemex, cold drip, syphon for those like 3rd wave… You can find whatever you look for. It’s one of those places where you feel a part of when you work in for hours. They definitely offer you some of the cookies they make downstairs. Put this place on your list.


Upstairs in DOF Cafe in Karaköy

You can take your coffee from downstairs where’s full of photographs by two photographer founders of DOF Cafe (depth of field). If you say “No, I want to work. I’m with my laptop anyway” and are searching for a quiet place, keep going and take the stairs right next to bar to go up. You can read or work with no interruption in the room with a nice and warm setting. Have I told you their coffee is good?


Galeta’s Garden in Galata When The Weather Is Good

A tiny shop below the ground in Serdar-i Ekrem, they have a garden turned into a terrace. The place is heated by heaters in winter, naturally in summer. And they have a squat of cats, if you’re not warm enough with the heaters two-three of them sit on your lap and keep you warm. Unfortunately their coffee is nespresso but sincerity of setting saves the day.


Cuma in Cukurcuma

I found myself a light, peaceful table next to the window, near the socket, no one interrupted, my coffee was refilled and I worked so long. They have a really good lunch menu in case you get hungry.


7gr in Çukurcuma

It’s so small but it’s one of my favourites with its coffee, its fast internet connection and baristas you can have a nice chat with when you’re bored of work.


1 Kahve in Cihangir

It provides the proper setting to work with its light, music and its tasteful coffee on weekdays but I don’t know how is it at weekends.


Journey in Cihangir (especially upstairs)

I said “especially upstairs” because it’s more quite in day on weekdays (if it is not lunch time) but you can work with some tea, coffee or a sandwich downstairs as well.


Mahalo in Karaköy

A whole different world next to the openari hardware market in Karakoy. You can work here easily as the students are already, enjoying your co-working space with good coffee, tea, and happy people serving you.


Den Cafe in Teşvikiye on Weekdays

It’s really bright, they have good coffee and internet connection, it’s rather quiet on weekdays. Ideal place to work!



Please share your suggestions!

Amazing Suggestions From “Tat Dedektifi” (Detective of Taste)

Amazing Suggestions From “Tat Dedektifi” (Detective of Taste)

I have good news for freelancers: I’ve listed the places where you can take your coffee, work silently and have wi-fi as good as I could. Please write me the...




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    Ooh love this blog post canim. I will definitely try some of your recommendations when I return to Istanbul! Especially the ones with kedi cuddles! Big love sista! x

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    thank you darling <3


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