Today at 15:00 I made an online interview on Twitter with Peter from Peter Björn & John, who’ll be performing at all originals party in istanbul on Saturday 28th. He answered my questions sincerely. I really loved him even more! So here’s the questions and answers if you couldn’t catch our interview online:


Peter: I’m ready / peter


Elif: Hi Peter! How are you? This is Elif and I’m very excited for our online interview. 


Peter: Me too! I’m fine thank u! Though I have a cold:(

Elif: Oh no! Get well soon! It must be quite cold up there! We’re expecting you in warm Istanbul soon 

Peter: It’s been a long hot summer but now fall is here yes. Ok good I bring my shorts;)

Elif: I saw you at Sziget. Blur was playing at the main stage yet I chose you and it was quite a blast. How was it for you? 

Peter: It was great! So fun. We haven’t played a proper show like that for a loooong time .The audience were amazing.

But it was also fun hanging a bit with Blur after. I’m an old fan

Elif: Cool! I enjoyed it a lot myself!  

Peter: Good to hear! I was worried Blur would take ALL the audience but fortunately they didn’t;)


Elif: What is the first thing that comes up to your mind when you think of Turkey? Did you miss anything special?

Peter: We played Istanbul a couple of times before. It’s such a beautiful city. &the mixture of cultures adds some exotism for swedes. I’ve missed it! Looking forward to coming back!

Elif: we’re looking forward to it too. so here comes the next question… You’ve reached a mass audience with mainstream shows like Gossip Girl, 2 Broke Girls. What do you think about that? 

Peter: TV is the new radio.That’s often where people hear new songs. So it’s good. When recordsales goes down it’s a way to make money! We all need some money;)

Elif: haha! you’re right. so u’ve got money and new listeners! great! Why Swedes are great at music? Is it the music lessons at schools, the geography or the climate? Tell us your secret.

Peter: All of these things. We have free music school. But also boring long winters with nothing to do. You have time to be a nerd & learn about music & songwriting. Also the 3 of us in the band comes from really small villages so we didn’t have many friends as kids. So geography is part of it too. Far between bigger cities. Lots of smaller villages. Lots of space! Melancholy! Melancholy is good for popsongs. Also the tradition of ABBA etc

Elif: I totally envy that and we’ll keep on admiring the music the bands from Sweden make.

Peter: :)

Elif: How about the time period you spend until reaching international success? Would it be different if you were from UK? 

Peter: Probably. It might have taken longer. Or it might never have happened. There are SO MANY bands from the UK.

Elif: So you think being from Sweden makes you some kind of unique and you had less competition? 

Peter: We had time to grow & develop with no-one watching if that’s what you mean. We were not on the cover of NME at 12;) Swedish bands are unique in the way that they are really inspired by brittish & american music but have their own twist on it! I think that’s why it works. Also we’re good at English. But competition is getting hard here too.

Elif: I understand. You had international success when you were really ready for it. 

Peter: Ha, ha..I’ve been ready all my life. But maybe..yes..

Elif: Haha! Are you also ready for the next question? You travel the world for your tours. What is the best part of it? 

Peter: Ready! I love seeing new places. Eating new things. Walking around cities. Meet people. But mostly playing shows!! Which is good ’cause sometimes you don’t have time for the other stuff;)

Elif: Lucky! Glad you enjoy your job! Can you take a selfie and share with us so that we could get in the mood before the show:) 

Peter: No. I don’t have my make-up on.

Elif: Hahah! Alright! I guess we’ll have to wait until Saturday to see you with your stage make-up and all:)

Peter: Yes;) It will be a blast! I haven’t decided if I should were my Slipknot-mask or my Gene Simmons-face yet

Elif: Haha! I’m excited! Thank you for this lovely interview! See you on Saturday! 

Peter: Thank you! It’s been a pleasure! See u saturday! Along with lots of other people I hope!!nWe’re done right? just checking! All my best

Elif: yep! Free to go:P Thanks a lot! :))) It’s been a pleasure! 

Peter: Great, thank you!

Judging their performance at Sziget I could easily say that he’s totally honest about loving to perform. He really loved to be on stage and loved the audiance. It was great to be there! Can’t wait till 28th until I watch them again in İstanbul.

cizenbayan @ tektekci beyoglu

cizenbayan @ tektekci beyoglu

  Today at 15:00 I made an online interview on Twitter with Peter from Peter Björn & John, who’ll be performing at all originals party in istanbul on Saturday 28th....


heineken open’er festival 2013

heineken open’er festival 2013

  Today at 15:00 I made an online interview on Twitter with Peter from Peter Björn & John, who’ll be performing at all originals party in istanbul on Saturday 28th....



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