Why do we work? The answer for most of us is, well, holiday. While we sometimes even pray for hours to run faster when working, when we are off duty or on any kind of holiday, all of a sudden our time starts to increase in value and let alone the hours, each and every minute worths it’s weight in gold.
Although I travel for a living, so as to make sure that you manage to save every second of your precious holiday time for discovering, resting and having fun, I have catalogued a bunch of super duper ultra practical tips that I too make use of.

Be Prodivent

If you’re intending to go abroad, you better make certain you leave color copies of your passport and your citizen ID to your family or a trusted friend before departure. In the name of further prudence, have these documents scanned (for which you might use mobile applications as well) and save them somewhere online that you can have quick access in case of an emergency. Such precautions should minimize the amount of stress in the unpleasant case of a theft and so forth.

Packing Ritual

“Less is more!”

This remarkable saying, defining the minimalistic architectural style of Mies Van der Rohe, whose works represent a balance of delicacy between simplicity and elegance created through basic geometric patterns,has always been my motto, not merely as an architect but as a traveller, too. The less, the better! Don’t forget the real reason why you are travelling. Don’t squander your money, energy and more importantly, your time by packing more than what you need.

Roll Up Your Clothes

For long have I heard and read about this “roll up” technique and yes, It’s tested and tried. Clothes truly occupy less space when rolled than folded. Looks like your skills with stuffed grape leaves will finally pay off.

Crammed suitcase? Boo-boo…

Remember that the very suitcase that you could hardly zip up without tearing apart when leaving home will surely have to be zipped again before flying back home. You might as well like to bring a few authentic staff with you. It might be smart to leave some extra room in your suitcase before departure.

Vacuum is the New Black

If you’re having trouble fitting in a gripsack or planning a long journey, buy a few vacuum bags that’ll cost you 7-8 liras or so, from a nearby glassman’s. Upon placing your clothes inside them, just suck the air out of them with your vacuum cleaner. You won’t believe your eyes. But two important points to keep in mind.

Fiiirsttlyy: Your vacuumed gripsack may still exceed the cabin limits in terms of weight, even if volume is appropriate.

İkiii: Don’t forget that once the bags are opened, you’ll need a vacuum cleaner again when It comes to packing.

Travel Size

By stashing and refilling the empty cases of travel size products which are whether  provided as complimentary by hotels or can be bought from cosmetic stores you can save on space and avoid exceeding the fluid restrictions on board. You can also use small plastic bags or straws for adjusting just the right amount for cosmetics.

So long, shampoo stains!

In order to stop the liquids from leaking or exploding due to pressure differences during flight, place a small piece of strech film under the lid and then close them. Storing your shampoos, creams and such stuff together in a seperate plastic bag is also smart.

Farewell, interlaced necklaces!

You may pack your adornments inside tiny daily medicine boxes found at pharmacies or you could simply wrap each of them with strech film to keep them from interlacing. The same goes for cables like earphones and chargers or you may carry them in boxes of your glasses as an alternative.

NO to turndown collars!


When packing shirts, just place your belt in their collars. By doing so, you can stop the collars from frilling. Besides, you’ll be able to walk into business meetings confidently, with your head up high.


You can use bathing caps for packing your shoes. Pairs can be placed on either sides of the suitcase with socks stuffed in them.


In case you want to bring home some spirits or wines; carefully place the bottle right in the middle of your suitcase after wrapping It up with a t-shirt. (But why inside the suitcase? You may wonder. Because, you won’t be allowed to take any bottles into cabin unless the liquor is bought from duty free shop. Thus, the bottle won’t brake no matter how inattentively handled. This technique will also work for other fragile stuff like cups and glasses, so long as they are filled with t-shirts.

Jesus Made Backpacks! (Backpacks Rule)

When travelling with backpacks, by placing the heavier things close to your back or waist, you may enhance your body balance and if you’re going on a relatively short trip, carrying your backpack with you in cabin will gain you the time that would otherwise be lost; waiting for your suitcase. Besides, some European airlines charge you extra for suitcases you want to check-in. So again, backpack is your escapeway. Still, as I previously stated, bear in mind that the fluids you take into cabin in your backpack may still not exceed 100cc.


Airport and plane

Online check-in will always save you time. If you have a friend with you, leave an empty seat between each other. The empty seat is likely to remain empty, unless the plane is fully occupied. If and only if someone claims the seat, you can always kindly ask for sitting with your friend. Win-win deal. Pick your seats either from the front, or the back. So it’ll be a lot easier to settle down or to use the restroom.

Save on costs. Not quality!

If you’re planning to take a flight at an inconvenient  time of the day, which lands in a remote airport (from which you might have to take a cab) and which is likely to charge you for almost everything you need during the flight for the sake of a few dollars… Hello? It’s not worth it!
But if you are to insist on preferring such airlines, at least be aware of the gruelings you may be up against.

E-mail, big deal


Write your email address on your luggage label alongside your name,  your surname and your mobile even if it’s the last thing you do. In case your stuff gets lost, an email adress will seem an a lot more convenient means to reach the owner than calling an unknown, foreign mobile.
Don’t change or exchange money (this applies for most countries) at the airport for the rates and additional comission may sting a little. ATM is usually the wiser choise to withdraw some currency.

Remember the addresses

Certain countries require to fill in a form prior to enterance. So as to avoid any possible hassles, you have to write the adress of the hotel, the house or the friend where you’ll be residing and you should be prepared to answer the questions by the relevant officers
Nothing the important points beforehand will do

Mobile/Internet issue

Clean your mobile storage before you set off. Create some space for new shots. If your trip lasts more than a few days, acquiring a local  prepaid line is always more affordable than the roaming mode. Plus, you may still keep your whatsapp account active with this new local line. All you have to do is pressing no when the phone asks if you would like to switch your number upon mounting the new line.

Give it a trim!

You shouldn’t have to spend your precious time seeking a local sim card of compatible size with your cellphone. A practical solution is to buy a sim-cutter for reasonable prices such as 3-5 dollars and feel free trim your sim card yourself.

Data Killer Apps

Let’s just suppose for a second that in this foreign  country where you won’t be spending a lot of time, for some reason, you don’t feel like buying an additional local line or you simply couldn’t find one. Speaking for myself, when traveling abroad, the paramount fluctuations in my monthly bill mostly stems from the internet service although I most prudently prefer the least data-consuming apps like whatsapp and so forth. When you enable the mobile data abroad and your mobile starts sucking data as if you were in your hometown, believe me, those extremely expensive internet quota of yours vanishes in the blink of an eye, leaving you with mega-colossal extra data charges. Your escapeway, so long as IPhones are concerned, is the magic button that shuts down the idle and unused apps, found in the settings menu.

Keep It Offline

Those who can’t get anywhere without their smartphones, you don’t have to squander your priceless internet for just walking around. You may either download offline map apps or load the online map before leaving your hotel, which is free Wi-Fi zone.

Charging tricks

Turn on the airplane mode when charging which will enhance the charging speed and the battery health. Get one of those powerbar’s that can charge your phone up to a few times so you won’t have to stop for charging. The sockets may look slightly diffrent in foreign countries. So you better be prepared for that. The socket adaptors can be found in common markets and airports which makes them really easy to access.

Wandering around

The foursquare tips are a fine source to learn the Wi-Fi passwords of nearby restaurants and to settle upon such questions as what to eat, what to drink or so.

Photobomb? It’s the 21st century for God’s sake!

We all know those annoying tourists that are always in the right place to murder the perfect landscape you’re about to take. Well, it’s high time you kissed them goodbye as there exists a mysterious way to erase those chaps. It’s technology guys, nothing magical about it.


Chill out, get social!

It’s good, to be open-minded about other residing opportunities than the soulless, costly hotels that are likely to ask you to checkout at the most inconvenient times. Airbnb or couch surfing for instance. Why not?  Besides, you’ll have your houseowner to get some marvellous tips about the city, who is an ordinary person by the way, instead of the expensive tours and restaurants that are likely to get a cut out of your hotel fee.

Preliminaries do matter

la foto 4

Make some preparations before you sef off. Read the blogs you like and at least have an impression of towns and people. And particularly the travelers heading for South America and Europe, check out what’s here for you!




Why do we work? The answer for most of us is, well, holiday. While we sometimes even pray for hours to run faster when working, when we are off duty...




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