ta taaaaaa! here is my set I played at the legendary Kiosk at KaterBlau in Berlin on March 11 Sunday night for Britta Arnold’s party Grrr mit Brrr ⚫️✖️ the tracklist is at the end of the blog post! but first i want to share a few words…

I consider myself very lucky because I started going to Berlin at a very early age and even experienced the legendary Bar25 back in the day. I was young and wasn’t even into electronic music back then. Bar25 has been closed (you can watch its documentary) and same crew opened Kater Holzig.

Later, in my twenties, I discovered Kater Holzig on a sunny sunday afternoon. I was in S-Bahn, about to meet a friend in Alexanderplatz, when I heard the amazing music when passing through Jannowitzbrücke.

I met her and said ‘ok, we could as planned go grab coffee somewhere but i think we really need to go to Jannowitzbrücke, i heard amazing music there and saw a good party. We can follow the music and find it.’ My friend agreed and we literally followed the music and found KaterHolzig and had the time of our lives! Later KaterHolzig also closed down and KaterBlau opened in the original location of Bar25, Holzmarktstr. 25.

I started going there, especially on Sundays and Mondays, whenever I was in town (and i go to Berlin a lot) and it’s safe to say that KaterBlau has shaped my musical taste and my idea of a party or a club!  For me it has always been more than a club anyway, it’s a musical landmark, a playground full of surprises, a cosy and unique space to be free and one of my favourite places on earth!

It’s hard to describe the atmosphere there, I could try but words would fail me. You need to be there and feel it energeticly. Also it’s not allowed to take photos there which doesn’t make my job easier. i’m talking about a place where there’s a secret pitball at the backstage!

As much as i’d love to capture every single crazy detail in Katerblau, i’m also super happy that it’s not allowed to take photos there, because you don’t see people with smartphones in the crowd, everyone can be free and enjoy being in the moment. so i think this only restriction in the club really makes it unique and special. (the photo below is outside, in front of the club)

even before i started djing, I was even secretly already dreaming of playing there one day but it was such a far dream. well, i started going to katerblau before I had anything to do with djing. and when i think of it, it might even be one of the reasons i started djing in the first place. dancing to the music of Mira, Britta Arnold and Mimi Love gave me huge inspiration as a woman! i had a little ‘kater’ playlist in my rekordbox i was collecting tracks with the dream of maybe playing there one day! =) so now you know why it’s sooo special for me!

the Berlin crowd is another story! they are very educated; in a way even spoiled with good music all the time; yet they are so open and welcoming to anything and you can see and feel that they want to support new and excited faces!

i felt very comfortable and welcomed behind the decks even though i was beyond excited to play amongst my biggest inspirations and my legs were still shaking towards the end of my set. having played in one of my favourite places on earth, the club where I had the deepest connections with music ever, had the most fun partying, met amazing people, friends and artists and also kissed my boyfriend for the first time is a super special memory for me and i can’t wait to be back soon!


the sound of the recording is unfortunately not the highest quality, but i still want to share it with you and i hope you enjoy it as much as i enjoyed playing it 🌟💫

It was a super fun party and it was so nice to see many friends, some even flew to Berlin to see me play, can’t describe how thankful i am, just wow! thanks to everyone who came, danced, cheered, showed love, thanks to my boo for always believing in me and special mega thanks to Britta Arnold and Unders for supporting me from day one and also for creating a loving Grrr mit Brrr and Happy Camper family 🙂🚐

last but not least, i know some of you have been waiting for this, i’m sharing the tracklist of the set:

  1. Andrew McDonnell – Musical Engagement (Kindisch)
  2. Fulltone – Where I hide (Original Mix) (Keller)
  3. Diazar – Through Time (Original Mix) (Nie Wieder Schlafen)
  4. Mark Alow, JP Elorriaga – Cube (Original Mix) (Baile Musik)
  5. Rasi Z – Desire (Fulltone Remix) (Dream Culture)
  6. Hraach – ID
  7. Hauy, Crystal Myth – ID
  8. Sound Process, Andrew McDonnell – Little Helper 317-1 (Dub) (Original Mix) (Little Helpers)
  9. Hauy – Redpath (Get Physical)
  10. Sleepy & Boo – The Moving Sun (Original Mix) (Cenote Records)
  11. Lessovsky & Rich Hila – Talisman (Original Mix) (Dream Culture)
  12. DAVI, Definition – Desole (DELYSID)
  13. Viktor Udvari – Tatar Jaras (Eye Deep Leez Recordings)
  14. MI.LA – LUV (Manual Music)
  15. Nick Devon – Limbo (Original Mix) (Steyoyoke)
  16. DAVI – Boarding Call (Armen Miran Remix) (DELYSID)
  17. Olivian Nour – Infinit (Original Mix) (BP Digital)
  18. Mark Alow, JP Elorriaga – Immersion (Original Mix) (Baile Musik)
  19. KMLN – ID
  20. Yvel & Tristan – Eridanus (Elfenberg Remix) (Exotic Refreshment)
  21. Na’am – Shakl (Paradoks Remix) (Canal Auditif)
  22. Bebetta – Hedorah (Original Mix) (Monaberry)
  23. Breky – Spaced Out (Original Mix) (Lucid Dreaming Records)
  24. German Brigante – Modulations (David Mayer Remix) (Get Physical)
  25. Yoram – Oudezijds Achterburgwal (Original Mix) (Crossfrontier Audio)
  26. Vlad Jet, Vlad Yaki – Levant (Original Mix) (Dear Deer)
  27. Lorenzo Calvio, Anchor Acres – Changes Feat. Jinadu (Original Mix) (Suara)
  28. Clarian – Absence (Original Mix) (Rumors)
  29. Breky – Daydream (Original Mix) (Lucid Dreaming Records)
  30. Luca Bacchetti – Genesis (Original Mix) (Endless)
  31. Kosmas – The Silence Of What’s Left Behind (Movement Recordings)
  32. Eagles & Butterflies – The Last Dance (Sunrise Remix) (Art Imitating Life)

Thank you!

Mix: [17.12.2017] Schimanski NYC

Mix: [17.12.2017] Schimanski NYC

ta taaaaaa! here is my set I played at the legendary Kiosk at KaterBlau in Berlin on March 11 Sunday night for Britta Arnold’s party Grrr mit Brrr ⚫️✖️ the tracklist...


Mix: Blackout Showcase Radio Show

Mix: Blackout Showcase Radio Show

ta taaaaaa! here is my set I played at the legendary Kiosk at KaterBlau in Berlin on March 11 Sunday night for Britta Arnold’s party Grrr mit Brrr ⚫️✖️ the tracklist...



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